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Gel - Mānuka Vet - MGO 500+

Natural wound treatment from New Zealand: Suitable in the early stages of wound healing e.g. sewn wounds - the risc of scarring can be reduced.

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  • ESS-09-002
  • 100 Gramm
  • sofort lieferbar
  • more than 20 available
  • 100% natural wound healing agent from New Zealand
  • Methylglyoxal content of +500 mg/kg
  • supports a faster wound healing
  • suitable for wounds in the early stages of healing (surgery, sutures, etc.)
  • maintains natural moisture & can contribute to less scarring
  • can reduce the formation of bacteria and germs

Product information

Honey has been used to heal wounds in humans and animals for centuries.
The effectiveness of honey is based on three properties: it protects the wound, cleans it and promotes the healing process. The thick honey forms a film on the injured area that can form a barrier against new bacteria. Its high sugar content also supports the formation of cleansing wound secretions, which can reduce the multiplication of germs.

The Mānuka Vet Skin & Wound Gel for horses has taken advantage of these positive properties:
Manuka honey comes from the flowers of South Sea myrtle - which is mainly found in New Zealand and Australia - and which has a particularly high concentration of methylglyoxal (MGO). Methylglyoxal is known for its an antibacterial effect and is therefore well suited for wound healing: the higher the MGO concentration, the more intensive the effect.

The Mānuka Vet Skin & Wound Gel is suitable for wounds in the early stages of healing (e.g. after surgery, stitched wounds, etc.) that may still need dressing.
Its particularly high methylglyoxal (MGO) content can reduce the formation of bacteria and germs and maintains the natural moisture in the wound area. In this way, clean wound healing can be accelerated and the risk of scarring is significantly reduced.

Feeding instructions

Mānuka Vet Skin & Wound Crème is not suitable for regular consumption or internal use.
Small amounts are, however, completely harmless (e.g. in the event of contact by licking)

Application instructions

Apply a layer to the affected area and renew if necessary

Ingredients / composition

100% Manuka honey with a methylglyoxal content of > 500 mg/kg

Doping information

Mānuka Vet Skin & Wound Gel is without any doping-relevant ingredients and therefore also suitable for high-performance sports.

Storage & shelf life

Store opened products in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Honey is considered to be “forever durable”. Under optimal conditions, honey does not change its consistency for centuries.
Manuka Vet products can therefore be used for a long time. Ideally, however, the honey should be used up within a year to ensure consistent quality.
Crystallization of the sugar is a natural process and can be reversed by gently warming it in a warm water bath.

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