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ESS® B-Komplex Liquid

ESS® B-Komplex Liquid
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  • ESS-06-003
ESS "B complex" with vitamin B1 is used to regenerate the nervous tissue (for example, in ataxia... more
Product information "ESS® B-Komplex Liquid"

ESS "B complex" with vitamin B1 is used to regenerate the nervous tissue (for example, in ataxia and paralysis), to aid in the formation of blood, to aid in loss of appetite and to stimulate metabolic function. It should be fed as a cure. All B vitamins are water-soluble and are therefore excreted in overdose with the urine.

Feeding recommendation:
Large horse (600kg) 20ml per day as a cure for 2-3 weeks

1.2-1.2-propanediol, sodium chloride

Analytical components and contents:
Crude protein 1.62, Crude oils and fats 0.00, Crude ash 1.4%, Crude fiber 0.00%, Sodium 0.43%, Moisture 94.00, Lysine 0.00.

Additives per liter:
Nutritional additives: Vitamin B1 as thiamine hydrochloride 3.000mg, Vitamin B2 as riboflavin 5'-phosphate ester, monosodium salt 1.000mg, Vitamin B6 as pyridoxine hydrochloride (3a381) 3.000mg, Vitamin B12 as cyanocobalamin 30.000mcg, niacinamide (3a315) 6.000mg, calcium D-Pantothenate (3a841) 3.270mg

Technological additives: sodium propionate, citric acid, potassium sorbate


Vitamin B1: acts as a coenzyme. Many enzymes are only active in the presence of coenzymes and cofactors. B1 contributes to energy from the food and is necessary for the functioning of the nerves. It also supports heart, liver, kidney, muscles brain brain activity. The resuming of nerves after an interruption is also supported. Loss of B1 can cause damage to the body. Vitamin B1 has a very short action in the body, which is why it must be permanently fed or consumed.
Vitamin B2: is necessary for the conversion of food into energy and protein as coenzyme. Deficiency leads to damage of the nervous system, blood formation and disturbance of embryo development.
Vitamin B6: is responsible for protein “metabolism” (conversion of food into energy) in the body. The need for vitamin B6 depends on the protein content of the food. Without them, certain body processes would not function. Coenzymes PLP and PMP are active in nearly 100 processes of the body.
Vitamin B12: will not be absorbed by the body, it has to be fed with food. With only plant-based intake, there is a risk of too little supply. The first signals of vitamin B12 lack can be less strength, as well as a difficulty concentrating and even fear attacks. Furthermore, B12 is important for the action of other vitamins, as well as for the formation of blood.
Magnesium: together with vitamin B12 is important for the nervous system. The combination of M12 and magnesium lowers nervousness and makes managing with stress situations faster.
The coenzymes NAD  and NADP: are responsible for energy recovery from “Carbohydrates” which are one of the main types of foods producing energy for the body.
Nicotinic acid: is important for maintaining skin, muscles, nerves and DNA.
Pantothenic: promotes growth and prevents the nerve system from ageing.

All of our ESS products are FEI tested. Nevertheless we recommend to stop feeding them to your horse 48 hours before a competition for safety reasons.

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