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ESS® Cushing Aid (ECS)

ESS® Cushing Aid (ECS)
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  • ESS-02-002
ESS Cushing Aid (ECS) supports the metabolism of horses with Equine Cushing Syndrome.  ... more
Product information "ESS® Cushing Aid (ECS)"

ESS Cushing Aid (ECS) supports the metabolism of horses with Equine Cushing Syndrome.


Feeding recommentation:
Horses (600kg) 30-50g per day

Composition:Soy protein concentrate (from GMOs), brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Yeast extract, magnesium acetate, saflor oil

Analytical constituents and contents: Crude protein 49,58%, Crude oils and fats 2,26%, Crude fibe 2,76%; Crude ash 8,18%,Calcium 0,08%, Natrium 0,07%, Magnesium 0,20%, Phosphorus 0,90%, Lysine 4,31%, Tryptophan 0,36%, Methionin/Cystein 0,84%, Leucine 1,38%, Isoleucine 0,99%, Threonine 1,59%, Valine 1,20%, Phenylalanine 0,84%, Moisture 6,40%

Nutritional additives per kg: L-Carnitin (3a910) 20.000mg; Vitamine B12 als Cyanocobalamine 10.000 mcg; Vitamine K 145 mg, Cholinchloride (3a890) 1.050 mg, Betaine Anhydrous 10.000 mg, Inositol 5.000 mg

Sensory additives per kg: Blend of flavorings (ginger, peppermint) 15.000mg


How do I know my horse suffers from Cushing?

Cushing reveals due to repeated and apparently unexplained laminitis episodes and an abnormal coat. The horses often have a hanging belly, drink more and release a lot of urine, they are dull and have a reduced immune system - leading to skin, tooth or respiratory diseases.

Cushing occurs especially in pony breeds, but also in large horses and usually affects horses more than 15 years of age.

ESS Cushing Aid with soy protein concentrate, brewer's yeast, yeast extracts, magnesium acetate and safflower oil supports the metabolism and can help to reduce the symptoms of Cushing.

All of our ESS products are FEI tested. Nevertheless we recommend to stop feeding them to your horse 48 hours before a competition for safety reasons.

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