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Incrediwear Equine Bandages

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  • ESS-12-002
The "Incrediwear Equine Bandages" for horses increase blood circulation in the horse's leg and... more
Product information "Incrediwear Equine Bandages"

The "Incrediwear Equine Bandages" for horses increase blood circulation in the horse's leg and can be used in healthy horses, e.g. B. for the regeneration of the tissue between the training phases, as well as for sick horses (inflammation, injuries). With the help of the wraps injuries can be prevented, the recovery time can be accelerated and the performance can be improved.

How it works:
The inside of Incrediwear Equine products contains the semiconductors carbon and germanium, which are woven into the fabric. When stimulated by body heat, negatively charged ions are released, which stimulate cell vibration and thus increase blood flow. An increased blood flow ensures increased oxygen and nutrient transport and enables:

  • Reduction of potential inflammation
  • Improves healing of acute inflammation
  • Reduction of pain
  • Reduces swelling
  • Improves thermoregulation
  • Accelerates the healing phase
  • Accelerates regeneration after intense training

Scope of application:
Before, during and after training, laminitis, hoof roll inflammation, general lameness, tendon damage, tendon irritation, ankle ligament injuries, poor hoof horn, gall

  • Dry application:
    When used dry, the bandages increase blood flow and promote lymphatic drainage. The bandages can be used before, during or after training, e.g. make the warm-up phases in training more effective and minimize the risk of injury.
  • Cold therapy:
    The Incrediwear Equine bandages are suitable for cold therapy when wet. Simply water the bandages - even if the horse is already wearing them. Excess water can be wiped out of the socks by hand.
    The effect lasts 45-60 minutes and can be prolonged by watering again.

Notes on wearing time:
Incrediwear products work without compression and heat and can therefore be worn over a long period - Bandages can be worn up to 4-6 hours..
We recommend the stranding wraps especially for transport or nighttime rest or general stable rest in the event of injuries.
The wraps must not be used for active training and should not be used without supervision when grazing. However, walking under supervision is not a problem.
Due to their material, the bandage pads are not suitable for cooling by water.
Incrediwear Equine bandage pads should be worn parallel (either on both front legs or on both back legs or all four legs at the same time).

We recommend:
For flexible use and cooling: Incrediwear Equine Hoof Socks
For sable rest and transport: Incrediwear Equine Bandages


Washing instructions:
Incrediwear Equine products are easy to clean.
Wash warm or cold on a gentle cycle - up to a maximum of 40°.
Spread flat to dry. Do not spin, bleach, iron or dry clean.

For hygienic reasons, already used / used Incrediwear products cannot be retunred regularly.


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